I junk on all my journeys! It thrills my retro loving soul!

I junk on all my journeys! It thrills my retro loving soul!
Oh, the places you'll go! ~ Dr. Seuss

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sorry I have been missing in action here but it was for a great reason...

Wow I can not believe it has been over a month since my last post! What a ride May 2012 was! My youngest son kept us busy busy busy, he attended four proms, had senior events galore, then graduation and a big party for him the day after. Awww I can breathe now in between the tears of course. Time just goes so fast and no matter how hard we try to take it all in and live it to the fullest... It still gets away from us. I will miss him soooo much as he starts his next chapter in life and being a mom will be a whole different ballgame for me now as my oldest son is 25, married, a police officer, two hours away and now my baby boy will be heading off to college soon. I believe the older we get the more literal "don't blink" becomes. haha Since I never seem to sleep I guess I am doing the best I can at not blinking! I am one proud mama though, good boys with big hearts and beautiful dreams! God is Good! I hope life is treating you all kind and I promise to be back in here reading blogs and posting more often. I love this beautiful world of creative souls and I have had some really cool things happening with the business that I must post and share! ~Hugs & Happiness To You All

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pictures do paint a thousand words and a little fun!

Sleep? No, not much. It seems I work all day then I am on the computer all night! My mind is so busy and I am just too excited about the new journey of my junk passion! I have spent as much time as I possibly could for the past 2 weeks working on organizing and displaying my treasures so they are all easily accessed and ready to share with others. Just when I think I am getting close to having it all sorted, I get a new idea, re-arrange or find more boxes that I haven't even unpacked. Or better yet I end up at another sale with a brand new load of more fabulous junk and then I just have to take pictures! Whoa me... I have to get this thing handled, or do I? ;)

Here are some of my latest finds and a few fun pics with my kiddos!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little more JUNK never hurts!

Well yes... Of course I have still been working very hard to get the show room in order, organized and set up! But... I can't go long without hitting a sale and dragging in more treasures! I mean really, can you? My Rental Inventory has grown even more! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good night John Boy... good night Mary Ellen!

Wow this has been a busy few weeks! Organizing, planning and learning as I go! As usual I have been reading some great blogs and getting more inspiration than my head and heart can manage at once but I will get there! Of course I have been adding to my junk collection too! Here are my two latest treasures that we picked up last weekend. Can't you just see the family that originally owned them gathered around the family room waiting for the news or maybe even "The Walton's" to come on! :) Ummmm Love them!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I love to hold the stories in my hands!

I had an awesome weekend working with and organizing some of my vintage treasures. It is so funny how everything seems to try and tell its story while you are touching it and wondering… Where have you been? How many dreams were you a part of?

The old farm tools really make me think hard about the old days and how very hard people had to work for everything they ever had.  You can’t help but love these old jewels and feel the stories that are left inside of them. If only they could talk… but touching them and caring about where they have been is enough. It just thrills me to have the opportunity to treasure their past and to dream with them in hand!

Have a beautiful week friends and I wish you enough! ~Always

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just Start... Right There!

You know how when you finally have that revelation of why do I do this? Will I ever see the true reason? The real desire of my heart? What is this dream really? All of my life I have collected other peoples junk! Constantly scouring estate sales, garage sales, thrift shops, and yes trash piles too! I would go into an overload of stuff over and over again. When I was younger and a single mother raising two boys, overload always came in time to save the day… A big yard sale to pay the bills! Never wanting to part with anything but it was for my babies so I did. Then I would collect some more. Finally now, after raising my boys and having the last one about to leave the nest and me being so blessed to be married to the most wonderful supportive man for the past 4 years… My revelation hit me the other day and I know that there is an awesome adventure in my near future. Preparations are in motion now! My first thought was… “Oh no! The treasures I have let slip through my hands, some of which I’m sure I will never find anything like again.” Then I realized that’s okay, I had the opportunity to have and utilize them for a greater cause. The ones I have managed to hold on to for so long and the new ones I have acquired will be a perfect start! There is a quote on replay in my head, "Just start right where you are… with what you have. Just start, right there!" Oh this is going to be so much fun and my heart is so happy! I can’t wait to connect on my new blog with all of those kindred spirits I have been watching and admire so much! I am so thankful that you were out there to inspire me and help lead me to my truth! ~Hugs