I junk on all my journeys! It thrills my retro loving soul!

I junk on all my journeys! It thrills my retro loving soul!
Oh, the places you'll go! ~ Dr. Seuss

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just Start... Right There!

You know how when you finally have that revelation of why do I do this? Will I ever see the true reason? The real desire of my heart? What is this dream really? All of my life I have collected other peoples junk! Constantly scouring estate sales, garage sales, thrift shops, and yes trash piles too! I would go into an overload of stuff over and over again. When I was younger and a single mother raising two boys, overload always came in time to save the day… A big yard sale to pay the bills! Never wanting to part with anything but it was for my babies so I did. Then I would collect some more. Finally now, after raising my boys and having the last one about to leave the nest and me being so blessed to be married to the most wonderful supportive man for the past 4 years… My revelation hit me the other day and I know that there is an awesome adventure in my near future. Preparations are in motion now! My first thought was… “Oh no! The treasures I have let slip through my hands, some of which I’m sure I will never find anything like again.” Then I realized that’s okay, I had the opportunity to have and utilize them for a greater cause. The ones I have managed to hold on to for so long and the new ones I have acquired will be a perfect start! There is a quote on replay in my head, "Just start right where you are… with what you have. Just start, right there!" Oh this is going to be so much fun and my heart is so happy! I can’t wait to connect on my new blog with all of those kindred spirits I have been watching and admire so much! I am so thankful that you were out there to inspire me and help lead me to my truth! ~Hugs 

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