I junk on all my journeys! It thrills my retro loving soul!

I junk on all my journeys! It thrills my retro loving soul!
Oh, the places you'll go! ~ Dr. Seuss

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sorry I have been missing in action here but it was for a great reason...

Wow I can not believe it has been over a month since my last post! What a ride May 2012 was! My youngest son kept us busy busy busy, he attended four proms, had senior events galore, then graduation and a big party for him the day after. Awww I can breathe now in between the tears of course. Time just goes so fast and no matter how hard we try to take it all in and live it to the fullest... It still gets away from us. I will miss him soooo much as he starts his next chapter in life and being a mom will be a whole different ballgame for me now as my oldest son is 25, married, a police officer, two hours away and now my baby boy will be heading off to college soon. I believe the older we get the more literal "don't blink" becomes. haha Since I never seem to sleep I guess I am doing the best I can at not blinking! I am one proud mama though, good boys with big hearts and beautiful dreams! God is Good! I hope life is treating you all kind and I promise to be back in here reading blogs and posting more often. I love this beautiful world of creative souls and I have had some really cool things happening with the business that I must post and share! ~Hugs & Happiness To You All

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  1. Hi! It looks like you have a beautiful family! I just found your blog and am now a subscriber. I'd love you to visit my new blog and say hello :)